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Kubernetes as the kernel

Cloud Operating System

Abstracting the entire data center as a singular server, where everything is an application. You can use Sealos as seamlessly as operating a personal computer.

The Capabilities of Sealos

Application Management

Rapidly deploy any distributed application with the ability to access the public network.

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Create highly available databases in seconds that support MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Redis.
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Serverless computing makes writing code as easy as blogging, allowing you to launch and deploy your business code anytime, anywhere.
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Why Sealos

Lower Costs
Save resources and reduce expenses by paying only for containers, with automatic scaling to prevent waste.
Flexibility and Security
Its unique multi-tenant sharing mechanism can achieve effective resource isolation and collaboration while ensuring safety.
User Friendly
Focus on your business without being bogged down by unnecessary complexity, regardless of your level of Kubernetes expertise.
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Who is Using Sealos